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Reservation for Dayroom
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About Dayroom

Available only to departing passengers who have completed passport control formalities or those on international connecting-flights.

丒Overnight accommodations are not available.

丒Dayroom occupancy is limited to 1 adult per single or 2 adults per twinroom.

Any number of children aged 12 and below may accompany an adult in a 丂丂
丂same room.

Under the relevant laws and regulations, every foreign guest who do not possess an address in Japan to make a copy of their passport upon check in.

Customers shall assume responsibility for any actions and any results by customers own.


Reservations are available via the internet from one month in advance to the day before of your stay.(Japan standard time ).

When you make a reservation on the day of your departure, please call us by 丂丂directly.

Confirmation of the reservation will be sent by e-mail as soon as we can.

Your reservation will be canceled if you do not come within 30minutes.


 We accept Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Credit card and E-money (Suica, Edy).

Fees (consumption tax included)

 俫倧倳倰(s) Single
(侾 adult) 
(俀 adults) 
Hour(s)  Single
(侾 adult) 
(俀 adults) 
 侾hour  侾丆俆係侽 yen 俀丆係俈侽 yen  丂俉hours 丂俇丆俋俁侽 yen 侾侾丆侽俉侽 yen
 俀hours  俀丆俁侾侽 yen 俁丆俈侽侽 yen 丂 俋hours  丂俈丆俈侽侽 yen  侾俀丆俁侾侽 yem
 俁hours  俁丆侽俉侽 yen  係丆俋俁侽 yen  侾侽hours  丂俉丆係俈侽 yen  侾俁丆俆係侽 yen
 係hours  俁丆俉俆侽 yen  俇丆侾俇侽 yen  侾侾hours 丂 俋丆俀係侽 yen  侾係丆俈俈侽 yen
 俆hours  係丆俇俀侽 yen  俈丆俁俋侽 yen  侾俀hours  侾侽丆侽侾侽 yen  侾俇丆侽侽侽 yen
 俇hours  俆丆俁俋侽 yen  俉丆俇俀侽 yen  侾俁hours  侾侽丆俈俉侽 yen  侾俈丆俀俁侽 yen
 俈hours  俇丆侾俇侽 yen  俋丆俉俆侽 yen  侾係hours  侾侾丆俆俆侽 yen  侾俉丆係俇侽 yen

Reservations and Inquiries

 Terminal1  丂丂丂丂0476-32-4734(Domestic)

Terminal2  丂丂丂丂0476-34-8537(Domestic)

Phone number
Number of persons adult(s) , child(ren) (twelve or under)
E-mail address 

*Input it again.
Preferred room type Terminal Room type
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
One single room
(for one adult)
Two single rooms
(for two adult)
Three single rooms
(for three adult)
One twin room
(for two adults)

Arrival date in NARITA /
Reserving time(hourly)
business hours
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
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